Lightdash updates
Lightdash updates

Private spaces




For those of you who want a bit more privacy you can now make your Spaces Full Access or Restricted Access.

Only members that are invited to a Space with Restricted Access have access to it.

But, Full Access Spaces are available to everyone who has access to the project the space is in.

To update a Space's access, just hit on the Share button in your Space.

You can read more about managing access to Spaces in our docs, here.

3D Pivoting




You can now pivot a table or chart by up to 3 dimensions.

For those fun multi-dimensional source tables, it's now easy to get the viz you need with pivoting available for now up to three dimensions! You can do this by just selecting the dimensions.

If you need to reorder the pivot, or add or remove grouping, you can manage this in the chart "Configure" menu.

Kapture 2022-10-28 at 17.10.26.gif





You can now download ALL of the source rows from results tables, even if you have a limit on the number of displayed records.

This is accessible in the same place, via the .csv download button to the top right of any results table. This button leads to a menu where you can specify whether you need the raw or formatted values, and whether or not you'd like a limit on the number of records in the export.

Kapture 2022-10-28 at 16.33.13.gif

Taking URLs to the next dimension!




Clickable links in dimensions can now refer to multiple values from across the record.

For any dimension where you want to use clickable links, you can now pull values from other columns in the row to form the URL. Check out the configuration below, or read the docs to see the other options.


Huge charts are here!




No more limits on chart sizes on dashboards! Want to make those monthly revenue graphs look larger than life? Go for it. Also useful for more sensible things like displaying a large table with many results or if displaying Lightdash on an external screen and want to maximise visual impact! (4).gif

Short URLs. That's it!




You can now create short links to make it easier to share your work with your team. Just hit the link icon on any chart or dashboard and a short link will be copied to your clipboard. Simple!

From second to year, granular time intervals are here




We now support a wide range of time interval dimensions for your date fields!

Using the new time_intervals dimensions tag, you can now create custom dimensions with all sorts of time intervals for date type fields, ranging from the second all the way up to the year. What's more, you can also create numeric dimensions from those dates, like "day of week" or "quarter number", and also string dimensions, like "day of week" and "month name".

Read the reference docs here.


Is Lightdash down?




Probably not! But if Lightdash is down you'll find out at

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Our status page shows the current status of all our services so you've got a complete picture of Lightdash's availability in one place.

Screenshot 2022-09-27 at 16.12.53.png

Autocomplete everything, all the time!




Autocomplete for string filters now works before you run your query

We've made filters easier and more intuitive by adding autocomplete before you run your query. This shows all possible values in a dropdown format. This is available in Chart view as well as in Dashboard filters - it's now much easier to find what you're looking for!


Multi-sort just got better




We've supercharged the user experience of multi-sorting - it's now clearer and easier.

We've done this by adding a clearer visual hint above the table which only appears when the table is sorted. Clicking into it, you'll be shown all the fields that the table has been sorted by, in order of sort, and whether each one is sorted ascending or descending. You can also reorder the sort, and remove sort options.

Read more in the docs. Happy sorting!

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